Urban Development and Transportation

The conjunction of attractive means of transport and consideration of the stakes of sustainable development have led to a reawakening of interest in modern public transport. This tendency is propitious for the arrival of new transport projects or projects to extend existing networks, fields in which INGÉROP continues to develop its expertise, in South Africa and internationally.

Fields of competence
INGÉROP brings to its clients a know-how covering projects involving all transport types mixed together: underground, tramway, tram-train, trolleybus, high-level bus service, river shuttles, low-impact traffic, facilities and systems. Whatever the transport type, its objective remains to reconcile development and sustainable transport.

• Assistance to project owner

• Diagnosis and audit

• General studies, transport diagrams, preliminary studies

• Traffic studies, modeling

• Socio-economic studies, impact studies, administrative reports

• Project management, communication support

• Safety reports

• Assessments, technical studies, exploitation and maintenance

• Design and construction management