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Hazelmere Dam Reaches Halfway Mark

The construction work at Hazelmere Dam has just passed the halfway mark with regards to the contract time period and the progress of works is steadily progressing.

Of notable importance is the progress of the construction of the synonymous 10m high piano key weir, which is set to be two thirds complete by the end of 2016, just in time to assist with early impoundment of water before the rainy season starts. Being the largest of its kind in the world, the construction work is truly something to behold! In addition, the arrival of the monstrous, bespoke 8 ton stressing jack from Europe means that the rst 61-stranded (17,019kN MBL!!!) post-tensioned anchor can be stressed on the 25th July 2016. With the above happening right on our doorstep, it's a great time to be involved at the forefront of engineering history on a global scale, with Ingerop South Africa!


Tags: Water & Environment