INGÉROP is renowned among the giants of construction engineering for its capacity to link its experience with large projects, its technical expertise to the responsiveness of a genuine local service thanks to its numerous sites. Its teams, seeking technical solutions which, though innovative, are always judiciously adapted and controlled, take care to work in a way that respects a development that is genuinely sustainable. Constantly endeavouring to do this is a particular concern of ours.

  • Teaching & research
  • Hospitals & healthcare establishments
  • Sporting, cultural & leisure facilities
  • Commercial urban planning
  • Housing & accommodation
  • Stations & terminals

Urban Development and Transportation

The conjunction of attractive means of transport and consideration of the stakes of sustainable development have led to a reawakening of interest in modern public transport. This tendency is propitious for the arrival of new transport projects or projects to extend existing networks, fields in which INGÉROP continues to develop its expertise, in South Africa and internationally.

  • Roads & highways
  • Infrastructure networks
  • Bridges & tunnels
  • Urban development
  • Land use management & planning
  • Railways
  • Urban transportation
  • Transportation systems & equipment

Energy & Industry

The industrial engineering offered by INGÉROP, in France and abroad, provides a response to client expectations by integrating more and more the themes of sustainable development. In consequent to a growing demand for electricity across the world and in Europe, INGÉROP has made the energy sector its priority development axis, creating, in particular, alongside French nuclear experts, the first French engineering practice specialising in civil nuclear power. The mission of this company NucAdvisor is to assist governments or their representatives wishing to equip themselves with nuclear installations.

  • Industrial buildings
  • Civilian and military nuclear
  • Aeronautics, aerospace
  • Food, wine production processes
  • High technologies & micro-electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, cosmetics
  • Iron & steel production
  • Data centers
  • Power plants
  • Heat networks
  • Geothermal & renewable energy

Water & Environment

The stakes of sustainable development, the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment, lead INGÉROP to constantly invest more alongside its clients, public and private, French or foreign, to study and to realise their projects. Several specialised subsidiaries have come to reinforce the group's expertise, in France and internationally: Ipseau in France GEOS in Suisse. INGÉROP South Africa, the South African subsidiary, well established on the African continent, brings more than 40 years of experience in working with emerging economies.

  • River hydraulics
  • Water & infrastructure
  • Urban water
  • Ports & coastal engineering
  • Hydraulic developments
  • River structures
  • Environment
  • Ecology & biodiversity
  • Waterways and canals
  • Dams

Expertise & Services

Consulting Engineering & Project Management

Products / Services offered:
A complete range of Engineering Services for all business lines: Technical and organization assistance to owners, Feasibility Studies (technical, financial, optimization), Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Construction Design, Project Management, Procurement, Design and Construction Management, Consulting to Governmental and Institutional Organizations


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