INGÉROP is renowned among the giants of construction engineering for its capacity to link its experience with large projects, its technical expertise to the responsiveness of a genuine local service thanks to its numerous sites. Its teams, seeking technical solutions which, though innovative, are always judiciously adapted and controlled, take care to work in a way that respects a development that is genuinely sustainable. Constantly endeavouring to do this is a particular concern of ours.

Fields of competence
It covers a large field of operations in the public and private sectors: hospitals, teaching and research establishments, cultural and sporting facilities, service, residential and industrial buildings, shopping centres. Complementing the Group's traditional technical skills in civil, electrical or climate engineering, several specialised branches now enhance the services offered: ARCORA, engineering of structures and complex façades, VULCANEO, fire safety consultancy, and BEEM, for biomedical facilities.

  • Assistance to project owner
  • Consulting
  • Diagnosis, Audit, Expertise
  • Project management
  • Technical and design management
  • Construction management
  • Cost control
  • Construction drawings
  • Synthesis of working drawings
  • Scheduling, Piloting, Coordination
  • Fire Safety and Prevention
  • Fire safety coordination system
  • Turnkey implementation or general contracting party