Democritus (Pty) Ltd is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ingerop. It was established in 1989 to address the need for hazardous waste
disposal and management. It aims at providing adequate solutions for Safety, Health & Environmental linked to the development or rehabilitation of economic infrastructures (energy, water, roads, transport) & buildings.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ingérop Africa, Democritus (Pty) Ltd has a Head Office in Mauritius and an Operational Office in South Africa.

Our services comprise of:

– Execution of works
– Site inspections in power plants and industrial buildings
– Sampling for asbestos (air, swab, bulk) and lead (air and bulk)
– Sampling (dielectric fluid containing or potentially contaminated with PCB)
– Testing in accredited laboratories under our supervision
– Reporting: test results, procedures and removal plans, disposal plans
– Training in asbestos risk prevention, lead risk prevention, …
– Capacity-building in hazardous waste management and disposal

Where do we specialise?

  • Asbestos works (in-situ treatment and removal) ; asbestos Survey; sampling for asbestos (air, swab, bulk), PAH and Lead (bulk) ; asbestos risk assessment and monitoring up to clearance
  • Inventory of other hazardous substances and waste such as discarded PCB-containing equipment (transformers and capacitors) and PCB-based paint
  • Hazardous waste management and disposal including permanent disposal facilities for asbestos-containing waste, incinerators for PCB-containing waste, autoclave sterilisation for medical waste
  • Training in asbestos risk prevention, disposal of hazardous waste (PCB & asbestos)
  • Subsoil investigation; Groundwater sampling and monitoring

Our Clients


ALSTOM / General Electric (GE) – USA
VOITH Hydro Siemens – Germany
Franco Tosi Meccanica (FTM) – Italy
CEGELEC – France



Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa – Mozambique
EDM – Mali
EGL – DRC/Rwanda/Burundi
ANDRA – France

Democritus – Asbestos/Waste Management