Urban Development

Project Intro

Carrying out the detailed design for the upgrade of the existing National Route N2, located in the province of Kwazulu-Natal, from a 2-lane single carriageway freeway to a 4-lane divided carriageway freeway, for a total length of 55,1km road. A new carriageway will be constructed alongside the existing one. The existing carriageway road pavement will be rehabilitated. There are 13 existing bridges (of which 3 are across major rivers) to be built along the proposed new carriageway alongside the existing bridges. Three bridges will be completely demolished. All direct accesses to the existing road will be closed/repositioned and only accesses to the freeway will be provided via existing and new grade separerated interchange. Access service roads will be provided for properties adjacent the existing raod. There are 8 major culverts (bridges) and about 210 minor culverts to be extended across the new carriageway road.

Project Value: (Needs Price)

Project info

  • Client : SANRAL
  • Tags : Ingerop, Roads, Urban Development
  • Start Date : 2012
  • Handover : 2015

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