Project Intro

Geological & engineering considerations of the sites and of the structures foundations behaviour (2005-2006) Stability assessment of the existing civil structures of Inga 2 & on solutions for appropriate rehabilitation measures (2006) Phase 1: Refurbishment of G23 (inspection, rehabilitation scope & programme, tender documents, international bidding process, tender evaluation, contract negotiation) Phase 2: Feasibility study of the Rehabilitation of Inga 2 hydropower plant (8 x 178MW) for the PPP between MagEnergy & SNEL (2005-2006) ESIA / ESMP for the rehabilitation of Inga 2 including Refurbishment of G23 Owner’s Engineer for the refurbishment → rehabilitation of G23 and emergency works on G24 at Inga 2 (2007-2010) Extracting rotor [March 2007] Re-commissioning in June 2010 Running at an average of 150-160 MW since that date

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Project info

  • Client : Kalumines / Kasonta-Lupoto Mines sprl
  • Tags : Ingerop, Energy
  • Start Date : 2005
  • Handover : 2010

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