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With some major achievements:- recommissioning of G23 (June 2010); emergency works completed on G24; alerting SNEL on dam and plant movements; removal of asbestos-containing materials in all facilities; implementation of Hazardous Waste Disposal Plan; support to main Contractors (GE, VOITH, FTM) and to Owner & his partners (two units at Inga 1 and all units except G25, G6 and G28 at Inga 2) Ingérop as SEEE (Design Office of Grands Travaux de Marseille) and subcontractor to EDF DAFECO:Inga 1 (1969-1972): detailed design for structures excl. plant & tailrace canalInga 2 (1973-1975): detailed design of the intake canal & water intake Hydrology and bathymetry studies at the water intake (start of existing canal), financed by MagEnergy and presented to the World Bank in Washington (2005): outcrops reducing flow & accumulation of sediments in intake canal (>30 000 000 m³) → opening of a second intake canal Due Diligence for the World Bank on the proposed Inga 3 hydropower scheme (4300MW) as part of the Bankable Feasibility Study for the Development of the Inga III Hydropower Facility (2007)

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  • Client : Kalumines / Kasonta-Lupoto Mines sprl
  • Tags : Ingerop, Energy
  • Start Date : 2007
  • Handover : 2008

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