Project Intro

The 54 m high Massingir dam consists of a 4200 m long earth embankment with a 108 m wide spillway originally constructed, to supply irrigation water to the Xai-Xai area, in early 1970's was never completed due to the civil war in Mozambique. The Government of Mozambique received a loan from the African Development Bank to do the required upgrading of the dam wall to ensure its safe operation. The works involve the strengthening of the wall at the downstream toe by adding additional material and provision of drainage holes. Extensive grouting of the foundation below three sections of the existing clay core. Six radial gates (18m X 11 m) will be installed on the ogee spillway to accommodate floods up to 14 000 m3/s.

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Project info

  • Client : Administração Regional de Águas do Sul
  • Tags : Ingerop, Dams, Water
  • Start Date : 2002
  • Handover : 2006