Project info

On the morning of the 18th of July 2018, we were geared up and got ready to make a difference. This year we decided to help upgrade Tsosoloso Ya Afrika Secondary School classrooms and support the matriculants during their transition from high school, through the basic steps of applying for University and College admission, to the work life.

Nelson Mandela International Day is a day for change and helping fellow South Africans. People take to the streets and make 67 minutes of their day count to make a difference. Ingérop’s Gauteng office found the perfect way of helping the local communities. We decided to use our professional skills to help upgrade classrooms by replacing ceilings, painting the walls and upgrading the learning environment for matriculants. The goal was to concentrate and develop their skills and to help South Africa’s next generation.

At Tsosoloso Ya Afrika Secondary School, we started the upgrade by breaking out and replacing the ceilings. The conditions of the walls were in such a bad state that the walls had to be cleaned and then repainted with multiple coats. The final touch was washing and cleaning the classroom for occupancy and proper learning.

We then moved into another classroom where we were welcomed by 50 plus students. We found the moment to be so overwhelming and the privilege to talk to the students and explain what we as Ingérop South Africa does and how we are promoting education for a better South Africa. Our presentation started with what the goal of Ingéop is and what we are doing at their school, how we can help in the future and how they can start their careers by applying for Tertiary education.

We explained the different options when applying for funding, when to start applying and what the available platforms are which will assist them during this transition. The feeling of providing the students with information and the possibility of further studies made us understand that what Ingérop does and can do, does make a difference to the youth.

We would like to thank Tsosoloso Ya Afrika Secondary School and Mobile Health Clinic Foundation for including us in this fantastic initiative and execution of a great and fruitful day.