The construction of Gara’ad Port and its 300 KM transit corridor that links the port to Central Somalia regions and Ethiopian mainland is ambitious and a bold business venture that aims to build a modern port in the coastal town of Gara’ad in the Indian Ocean. The Construction of Gara’ad port project envisages to be a marine gateway that connects Central Somali and Eastern Ethiopian business community to the rest of the world trade. The Port Construction project pioneers the participation of Somali private sector in infrastructure development projects on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis.

The port has been under construction for over a year and a historic milestone was reached on 27 November 2021 when the first vessel docked on a completed section of the port.

Ingerop International Consultants in collaboration with Rendel and Ingerop East Africa have been providing engineering consultancy and
design services to Wadaagsan Company, which include technical design reviews, marine engineering and supervision of the ongoing port
construction. Ingerop currently has a highly experienced Resident Engineer fulltime on site supported by an Assistant Resident Engineer.

Ingerop is extremely proud to have been part of this historic moment and we look forward to continuing to provide our services to ensure the overall success of the project.

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