Normal is Extinct

The “Normal is extinct” theme encapsulates our commitment to breaking free from outdated notions of traditional career paths. Instead, we want to empower our boys to navigate an ever-changing professional landscape where adaptability, creativity, and a willingness to explore the unknown are crucial.

Ingerop received an invitation from Nobuhle Mtshali, the Marketing Manager of St Albans College, one of the most prestigious private schools in South Africa, to participate in their 2023 Career day. The career day had a theme to encompass its core value which is the promotion of holistic development of its students. The college also has a strong focus on leadership development and offers programs to nurture leadership skills in its students. The structure of the event focused on engagement and participation rather than a presentation style talk. This was achieved through an introductory talk, followed by a panel discussion.

The talk and panel discussion was organised as part of St Albans Boys School’s initiative to expose and inspire their students through exposure to various career paths. This also served to provide them with valuable insights into the different fields. The event was attended by students from different grades, along with faculty members, school administrators and some old boys and parents.

Ingerop’s representative, Karabo Kgaphole, a Resident/Dam Engineer delivered a relatable, engaging and informative presentation that captivated the audience’s attention. The talk focused on introducing the students to the field of civil & dam engineering, discussing its significance, and highlighting the diverse opportunities available within the industry. The speaker effectively shared his personal experiences, anecdotes, and success stories to inspire the students and ignite their passion for engineering and life in general.

Following an introductory talk, 2 panel discussions were held with different audiences to address the students’ questions and provide them with a deeper understanding of the different professions and lives of the speakers. The panel consisted of prominent figures from various industries such as Music and TV, Academia, Sports, Aviation, Health, Robotics, Science, et al. The diverse perspectives and experiences shared by the panelists enriched the discussion and encouraged interactive participation from the students.

The event provided an excellent platform to showcase our company’s expertise and establish a rapport with the school community. The school administration expressed keen interest in fostering an ongoing relationship with us. Ingerop has been invited to explore potential joint initiatives, such as workshops, mentorship programs, and career guidance sessions, to further support the student’s personal and professional development.

The feedback received from the school, students, and faculty was overwhelmingly positive. Many students expressed their increased interest in pursuing engineering as a career, while the faculty appreciated the depth and relevance of the information shared. The event also garnered attention from parents & faculty in attendance, which further elevated our visibility and reputation in that community.

The talk and panel discussion at St Alban’s Boys School served as a remarkable opportunity to engage with young minds, promote engineering as a viable career path, and address the critical issue of mental health. The event showcased our commitment to education, community involvement, and social responsibility. We look forward to exploring potential collaboration opportunities with St Albans Boys School and continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of students.

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